Spring 2013
Spring 2013

We are a local market garden that provides food and occasional plants grown in an urban environment.


Elam Gardens focuses on herbs and kitchen garden plants.


We are very much committed to providing products and services to help grow a resilient, attractive, and bountiful local community.



Customers can find us every Saturday at The Corner Farmer's Market from 8am to 12 noon.

Location, Location, Location

Elam Gardens is located in Greensboro North Carolina, USA. It is the home and business of Stephen Johnson and Marnie Thompson.


We realized that our neighborhood is a great place to grow food and plants. We are lucky to have access to a large plot, actively engaged neighbors, and a love of growing plants for food and beauty. We decided to rethink our home as an urban market garden & nursery that fits in with our region's plentiful sunlight, water, healthy soils, and our neighborhood and community resources


We use Square for credit card transactions.


I am also making available an online listing of our current plants and produce.


You will find us at Elam Gardens on Square