14. August 2017
I'd forgotten that this had happened last year. The things we don't remember! http://myfox8.com/2014/07/21/urban-farming-in-greensboro/
27. July 2017
Finally, I'm beating the birds and squirrels to the ingredients necessary for green tomato chutney!
22. May 2017
You may have noticed that I painted the tubes different colours, one set green and the second set red. For the 10 tubes, odd numbered ones are red and even numbered are green. "Half" of each also have different soil mixes in them, so I have two experimental conditions .... not ideal really but I needed to eliminate some conditions pretty quickly. I did start with four types of mixes but two of them, as I noted earlier, quickly showed how poor they were at water retention. The main difference...
15. May 2017
We conducted our first harvest on Sunday ... Marnie enjoyed the experience of harvesting from the tubes compared to the ground. Made a huge difference in her comfort.
08. May 2017
Going back and talking about the strawberry tower growing project.
07. July 2013
It's been a wet month since I last added to this page. Lots of rain for June, I've recorded almost 10 inches (approx. 200mm), and July has added another 1.5" (50mm) so far. The backyard is a swamp, though surprisingly the mosquitoes are not as numerous (probably because there is no standing water for long, it gets rained out!). I managed to get my neighbor's bob cat up to it's back axles in mud trying to pull a pear root out of the ground, and in the process learnt all about pulling yourself...
04. June 2013
This time last year we were already harvesting basil from the field. What a difference the cooler April and May have made. The basil in the ground is still only 6 to 8 inches tall, and some beds are struggling to be more than 2 inches. Meanwhile, I have a few personal pots that are closer to 1 foot, and side branching. A clear case of how much soil temperature matters. My plan was to cycle out older woody basil plants by early July to have fresher growth, but this schedule is all thrown out. Of...
29. May 2013
Tomatoes are just as much a staple here in North Carolina as it was growing up in Perth Western Australia, or in greenhouses in the U.K.. I've been experimenting this year with a wide variety, mostly cherry tomato varieties, to see how productive they are. I am also working on being a little more brutal with them, less water, and harsher pruning, so they focus on fruit not leaves. I look at those lush tomato vines in the stores and I'm realizing that there might be a lot of difference between...
26. May 2013
This time last year my garden notes show we were already stewing some of the 40lbs (18kg) of plums from our one established tree, harvesting basil, and starting to eat raspberries. What a difference this year has turned out to be. The basil in the ground since 2 weeks after the last frost has hardly grown an inch (2.5cm). At least we are finally harvesting strawberries. The small patch of Ozarks has so far produced 15lbs (7kg) that we have either eaten, frozen, or given to friends. The slugs...
16. May 2013
Starting a new business involves many different things, and of course an online presence is pretty much demanded by many. So, here we are, my work in progress!