Swampy update

It's been a wet month since I last added to this page. Lots of rain for June, I've recorded almost 10 inches (approx. 200mm), and July has added another 1.5" (50mm) so far. The backyard is a swamp, though surprisingly the mosquitoes are not as numerous (probably because there is no standing water for long, it gets rained out!). I managed to get my neighbor's bob cat up to it's back axles in mud trying to pull a pear root out of the ground, and in the process learnt all about pulling yourself out of holes with the hydraulic fork.


So, the weather has definitely been lousy for growing traditional crops in the fields. The areas I do have under cultivation are slow growing, though the tomatoes are finally starting to fruit. Mos of the basil has been the same height for 4 weeks since while the surface temperature has risen, down about 4 inches (9cm), its cold and wet even in the raised beds. Still, the cooler weather crops are still viable, including some lettuces, chard, parsely, etc., though I am missing out on eggplant dishes ;-(

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