Green Tomatoes

It's been a while since I made a fresh batch of green tomato chutney. The last time was November 2016. It may have a lot of vinegar (so it keeps) but I was getting low.


So, the hoop house tomatoes are nice and large, and green, and I have managed to get a whole bunch of cucumbers from my own garden and friends. I ended up getting some onions grown by the folks at Faucette Farms. I've never been successful with bulb onions (lots of success with leeks and green onions though) and I have so many folks I know who have organically grown onions it just does not seem worth the effort and space. Pick your focus is something that is slowly leaking into my brain every year I grow for production. 


So, this week I made a big batch of Green Tomato Chutney. It's a version from an "vintage" Women's Weekly cookbook - an Aussie chutney based on an Indian origins. Lots of green tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. I drop the cauliflower the original recipe called for ... then a long salt bath, followed by heating a mix of spices, (LOTS of tumeric), apple cider vinegar, a little sugar, and some potato starch for thickener (folks wanted an alternative to wheat as the thickening agent). 


Chutney's like this were designed for accompaniments to a "ploughman's lunch," and I still love it with a nice cheddar cheese and good crusty bread. However, Marnie and I now use it a lot for adding to rice ... and I LOVE it as a hot-dog or burger relish. It leaves the house smelling spicey ... but its not "hot" and I like the texture of it.


So here's to green tomatoes ... more than just for frying!

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