A slow start

This time last year my garden notes show we were already stewing some of the 40lbs (18kg) of plums from our one established tree, harvesting basil, and starting to eat raspberries. What a difference this year has turned out to be. The basil in the ground since 2 weeks after the last frost has hardly grown an inch (2.5cm). At least we are finally harvesting strawberries. The small patch of Ozarks has so far produced 15lbs (7kg) that we have either eaten, frozen, or given to friends. The slugs have only managed a few pounds.


The cool temperatures have also caused a lot of fruit drop on the peaches and plum tree - at least it saves me from thinnning them as much. The tree rats (squirrels) will be saddened by the loss of all their fruit. Finally noticed some of the roma tomatoes are starting to set fruit. Other early fruiters are still sluggish.


The local market has had a slow start with the cold and blustery mornings we've had. People are finally out on the couple of sunnier mornings we've had, and enjoying the brunch at the local restaurants. The joys of an outdoor carpark market!


One joy for a slow increase in soil temperature is that the peas are still coming on, and the lettuces and cabbages are only now showing signs of bolting.





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